make a wish
give a kiss
blow it

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Mariana Soffer dijo...

Why do you follow tradition even dough it is obsolete?

justAnotherGeekgirl dijo...

why to follow anything?
what do you mean by "obsolete"?

Mariana Soffer dijo...

I mean that it is outdated. It was used and made sense long time ago.

Great question why to follow anything. possible endless discussion.

-The mind needs models, frames, routines, and more, to be able to function. The problem is when they belive his parameteres are the absolut truth.

-Following or beliving in something such as god, makes life easier. doubts do not kill you. you know what is right and wrong for sure. No need to search for the path, it is provided to you.

At a lower level:
-Changes produces resistance. Inner and outer.
-Keeping thing as they are is comfortable. Feels safe.
-Not many people dare to think cause they might realize they have been so so so wrong.

I wrote something about this, If you want I can send them.
PD:I love python

justAnotherGeekgirl dijo...

Hi Mariana,
1. thanks a lot 4 your comments
2. i dont really care about outdated or not, for whom it was used to made sense long ago, etc, i am not speaking about history, and i am not making any theory about that, i believe in magic and its just me, if you dont...thats ok! who care? :)
3. models, frames mmmm dont know i just use them on css ;)
4. and i dont care about paths, i just love to make them on inkscape ;)
5. yes, of course i can read what you wrote, thank you!
6. re: python ... i dont know anything about it, just many friends work on that and i know they love it too :) i love free soft <3
see you! :)

justAnotherGeekgirl dijo...

and...btw...thats funny...you are in baires! jajaj ergo... podemos también hablar en "argentino"! :)

Mariana Soffer dijo...

Te explico que el problema que tengo con el espaniol
es que cada vez que re-leo lo q escribi me suena espantoso y mal escrito.

Anyway, your comments where hilarious, I loved the one
about css (by the way I do not even use it).
And I love what you say about magic, it is inspiring. If i woun't belive in it I will probably kill myself (cause the search would be useless).

Are you living in BA? from BA? just curious how pola got to know you.

Someother time I will send you maybe the stuff I told you, first I can not find it, and second I am not willing to post many words about my feelings

justAnotherGeekgirl dijo...

hi mariana! sorry 4 the delay, i spent some days at cordoba :)
i agree, i am sure that i also killed myself if i wouldn't believe in magic!
and..nop i dont live in ba, i've just moved from cordoba to santa fe ... i am becoming more and more nomad :)
and i really dont know how pola found me, maybe through a common friend? haha anyway, thats our "net-behavior" ;)

justAnotherGeekgirl dijo...

and, maybe you can send that txt by email? :)