G20 [2009]

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Mariana Soffer dijo...

I see you still want to save the world, Amazing, nobody does anymore. Gives me hope.
I used to think that we had to make bad things disappear, mainly by destroying them ourselves. Now I think we do not have to destroy anything, we have to make amazingly innovative creations that will cause bad things to vanish; to become extinct as if they where non apt species (Darwin theory).

justAnotherGeekgirl dijo...

I love the way you said it with the darwin theory...and i agree with you....really!
just i am sad cause one people died.
but i am sure that violence is not the "road"
thanks a lot for this comment :)

Mariana Soffer dijo...

I am sorry, but glad I could comfort you a little bit. It reminds me when a friend of mine died, it was christmas, and I was so freaking mad at everything and everybody, I wanted to destroy everything, If I could I would have killed santa claus. But then the feeling goes away (it takes time dough).