wild latin fashion style

o marketing cordobés ;)

(gracias cocó)

ps/ el título es un poco de noisy syndication ... a veces nos levantamos así :)

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Mariana Soffer dijo...

Genial, me hiciste reir, me gusto lo de marketing portugues, a esa seniora que se queja del ingles, le podes decir que esto es "folksonomy", significa jergas locales, similar al slang. Igual aca me parece que es o una tomada de pelo (se estan cagaqndo de risa de nosotros) o equivocaciones por no prender el autocorrector de word.

justAnotherGeekgirl dijo...

jaja...quiero un autocorrector IRL!
some days we r so fucking humans ... we cant just fly... we need from time to time to fall...pffffffffff
mmmmm maybe hoy no era el día correcto para responder, es que lo del autocorrector me dio pie :P ah! y el autorrector de open office mejor ;)

Mariana Soffer dijo...

I loved the phrase "some days we are so fucking humans...." Excellent, is it yours?
I use open office, I prefer it to Microsoft office, it has less bullshit, which nobody ever uses, and it takes less resources.

Hey you have to check my block and write something, I had it review an article by the guy that works with Minsky and Hofstadter check my block and you have a link there.
You are my only nerd friend.

justAnotherGeekgirl dijo...

hahaha..suure 100% me...its my top phrase when i am under emotional tsunami attack :S
but but but OMG lets say geek... its more cool :P
soooooooo great u use o.o. :D
ok :) just let me speak w my brain for a few minutes...trying to find something nice to tell, so we can go together (me and my brain)... and i ll be there ;)